Expert Opinion on Grapefruit Diet

Published: 25th September 2009
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The grapefruit diet has been one of the most suggested diet plans for a quick weight loss. Rich in vitamin C, this diet may help you lose up to fifty-two pounds in two and half months. You can eat until you are full but on a precondition to drink sixty-four ounces of water per day. The grapefruit juice is has a unique ability to start the process of burning calories.

If you are planning to get on with a diet and specially the grapefruit diet, you can first and for most know whether it has worked or not for others. In this article, we bring out few conclusions made by dieticians and nutritionists based on the experience of the people who have taken the grapefruit diet.

• Nutritional value:

The grapefruit is a rich source of vitamin C, potassium and fibers that aid weight loss. However, nutritionists argue that the grapefruit diet falls short on the number of calories that are essential for a human body to stay healthy in the long term. It is nearly impossible to carry on this diet for a very long time as it does not provide an over all nourishment for the body. Continuing this diet for a very long time, there are chances that you may develop a deficiency of proteins, essential fats, amongst others.

• No advice on physical exercise:

Ideally, to maintain a particular weight for longer periods, you not only need to control your diet, but also be physically active. The grapefruit diet, insists only on the in take of grapefruit juice at regular intervals per day. According to nutritionists, along with any diet, a good amount of physical activity is necessary to get nearly permanent weight loss. This diet does not lay stress on the importance of exercising at all. This can be the reason why persons on a grapefruit diet usually tend to gain weight over a period of time.

• Not sustainable for very long:

When you start with the grapefruit diet, you experience considerable weight loss in just a few weeks' time. This seems to be a booster for most people on this diet. However, as soon as you stop taking the grapefruit juice along with your diet, you tend to put on the weight that you lost initially. In the long term, the nutritionists do not suggest the grapefruit diet. After you stop this diet, you gain weight equally fast as you lost when on the diet. Many dieticians also consider that the calorie intake in the grapefruit diet can prove to be unhealthy.

In the grapefruit diet, approximately an intake of1000 calorie per day is permissible. If you curtail your calorie intake to just one thousand per day, you can lose weight without being on a diet. The grapefruit diet is satisfactory for a short-term, but if you wish to maintain a particular weight permanently, you may have better options.


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