Published: 25th September 2009
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Love handles, anatomically called 'Obliques region of the torso' are one of the most difficult to lose. Although the name may sound affectionate, but love handles look ugly on the body. Also known as, Muffin Tops, love handles are the depositions of fat in or around the waist and the abdomen. Abdominal fat is the most difficult to lose as it is the key storage area for fat and is the very last place that loses fat.

Exercises concentrated towards belly fat are often ineffective to reduce love handles. A combination of a well-balanced nutritious diet, a suitable exercise regime, and overall fat loss is the only way to lose your love handles and look healthy.

There are a few myths regarding the love handles and should be replaced by facts. They are:

• Only the obese have love handles:

Although a majority of the obese people have love handles, but they are not the only ones. Even if the rest of your body is almost symmetrical, you can have easily noticeable love handles. In addition, having love handles when you are slim is very irritating. Most of the times, love handles in the slim persons are due to genetics. However, even a combination is a well-balanced nutritious diet with an appropriate exercise regime is the only solution to get rid of them.

• Love handles can be cut down by special exercises:

It is a total myth that exercises concentrated towards abdominal fat are the only way to decrease the love handles. Exercises concentrated to any region may prove fruitful but results can vary from person to person. The same is the case with love handles. Exercise for the whole body that increases your metabolism to burn fat is seen to be effective for the love handles too.

• Dieting till you starve:

A well-balanced diet that is nutritious as well as burns fat is a solution to lose love handles. But if instead of this, you stop eating and leave nutrition gaps, you might end up gaining weight. Skipping meals and avoiding proper food intake is unhealthy and harms your body. Starving ends up in weakness and makes the body susceptible to numerous diseases.

• Popping a pill reduces love handles:

Now a days everyone is getting image conscious and ends up using exclusive products that claim to reduce these love handles, which is a myth and may lead to unintended results. It is very difficult to reduce the fats accumulated in a particular spot or area by medicines or pills alone. Medicines will only help you suppress your appetite, and will not give you the desired results. You will gain weight as soon as you stop having them. As mentioned earlier, there is no alternative for regular exercise to lose love handles.

Therefore, in order to reduce your love handles you need to plan your diet and add physical activity to your daily routine.


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