Primary Causes of Stomach Fat

Published: 28th September 2009
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Belly fat or stomach fat is an almost universal health problem, seen in people of all age groups across the world and is common even among youngsters. Stomach fat is almost synonymous to obesity and both have the same causes. Emotional or work stress, genetics, overeating, lack of physical activity, medication, and various other reasons can increase belly fat. Moreover, regular intake of addictive substances such as alcohol and tobacco are also responsible for obesity and hence stomach fat.

The factors responsible for obesity also contribute to stomach fat:

• Stress: Researches show that a high amount of stress at work or home is one of the most prevalent causes of stomach fat. A hormone named Cortisol discharged when the brain experiences stress, encourage belly fat. This is why a person leading a stressful life tends to gain more stomach fat than others.

• Genetics: there is a high possibility that your stomach fat or obesity might be a hereditary characteristic. . Fat accumulation in the lower parts of the body such as in pear body shape and apple body shape is said to be hereditary. You are at a greater risk of accumulating body fat if you parents have such a shape.

• Lack of exercises: Less or no physical activity in the daily routine are the main reasons that lead to obesity and amassing of stomach fat. Physical exercises are extremely essential to avoid obesity and preventing yourself from getting stomach fat.

• Addiction: An addiction to alcohol lowers metabolic activity, which increases obesity. . Calories gained from excess alcoholism are often accumulating into stomach fat. 'Beer belly' is a term specially used in those who are addicted to drinking. Smoking can encourage accumulation of stomach fat.

• Weak or Improper digestion: Improper digestion leads to a number of gastrointestinal problems, which results into the accumulation of stomach fat. Not eating food regularly interferes with proper digestion of food. Moreover, lying in bed immediately after taking supper without any physical activity also increases storage of stomach fat.

• Slow metabolism: Lower rate of metabolism causes the calories to burn slower which increases fat accumulation around the belly.

• Menopause: Women face several health problems during menopause stage which includes stomach fat accumulation. . Hormonal changes after menopause lead to accumulation of stomach fat in many women.

• Incorrect posture: A sloppy body posture can give your stomach the appearance of a 'pot belly'. Using correct body posture while standing or sitting makes your body look healthier.

It is difficult to lose belly fat. But we prevent ourselves from several health troubles s if we chose to live healthier and better lives.


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