Ways to Lose Stomach fat

Published: 28th September 2009
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If you think you are the only one suffering from belly fat, think again. The problem is faced by one in three Americans and can be resolved by placing certain limitations on your body. The big idea here is to have a balanced diet along with any physical activity that fits your schedule.

Gym workouts can help you lose your belly fat, but for some people going regularly to the gym may not sound enjoyable. , If you think you are that kind of a person, we suggest you following things:

One of the best outdoor exercises that you can comfortably include in your daily routine is walking. Walking is easy to do and more fun. You can listen to your favorite music and breathe fresh morning air. The impact of this exercise isn't as much as gym workout but it allows you to permanently lose your belly fat. Walking speed of about 4 mph can help you burn close to 300 calories an hour.

Easy exercises especially in the outdoors and in the fresh air are not only enjoyable but also burn stomach fat and reduce stress. Such activities tend to stimulate the release of endorphin in the brain. Endorphins lower stress levels in the body. Moreover, early morning workout allows you to absorb Vitamin D from the sunrays.

If you are adventurous and love to go out, you can try hiking activities such as trekking and rock climbing. These outdoor activities tend to burn stomach fact considerably and make you feel rejuvenated. Adventure sports need preparation before you begin, but the end results are amazing.

If you are interested in outdoor sports, you have many pleasing options to reduce your stomach fat. Outdoor sports like tennis, badminton, volley ball, basketball, hockey, cricket or any game that interests you helps to burn out a huge number of calories and giving you maximum pleasure. If not having a group is keeping you from playing the sport that you like then you can take help from the sports clubs or groups that would solve this problem. Spending an hour on the court could help you loose up to 500 calories.

Activities like cycling or biking give a great work out for leg muscles, heart and lungs and burn stomach fat like magic. In addition to this, you can explore new scenic trails and bike paths, which will make cycling more fun.

If dancing is your hobby which you have had quit owing to busy schedule, then losing fat is one more reason to put on your dancing shoes once again. This hobby can be a great option to lose your stomach fat. It reduces stress significantly, enhances the glow of the skin, and makes you happier. Body releases a good quantity of endorphins after dance. This stimulates your senses and gives you a 'high' feeling which is more than when you take the drug Marijuana. Moreover, endorphin has anti-ageing factors, which lowers the occurrence of wrinkles to almost 63 per cent along with helping you, get rid of that ugly stomach fat.

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